Cleaning solutions

The ultrasonic cleaning business is in constant evolution, with new applications requiring special ultrasonic cleaning solutions almost every day.

Hilsonic have always been at the forefront of ultrasound chemistry development, with special processes including the breaking down of particles, liquid sanitising and the decontamination of mining waste.

Special partnerships are in place with leading authorities in ultrasound technology and research so that ultrasonic solutions can be found to virtually any cleaning problem. Whether it is as simple as unblocking pipes using external transducers to reducing metal fatigue in industrial plant, Hilsonic will find the solution.


Scruffite Marine

Scruffite Marine is our new specially formulated chemical additive for use in ultrasonic cleaners for the cleaning, descaling and decarbonising of intercoolers and heat exchangers.

Scruffite Marine is a highly cost effective concentrated Phosphoric based chemical that can be diluted as low as 10% and is available in 25L and 205L containers.

In addition Scruffite Marine also acts as a good degreasing agent and is also used as a degreaser/decarboniser of engine components sincluding pistons, valves, cylinder heads ect.

Biox O2 Liquid

Fast becoming the industry standard for oxygen cleaning.

Biox ’02’ cleaning fluid is used by the Ministry of Defence, Military Establishments, Off Shore and Diving schools Worldwide for the cleaning of their oxygenated breathing systems and hyperbaric systems.

It is a safe, non toxic, economic and effective procedure to clean the breathing apparatus and other hyperbaric pipework and systems.

Our cleaning procedures have for many years been used by PADI instructors and Emergency Services / Military establishments and our products are now becoming the industries standard.

To find out more about our recommended cleaning procedures click on MSDS & Data Packs from the Main Menu.

Biox ’02’ is approved by the following authorities:

  • Lloyds Register of Shipping, Click here for Mira report
  • Thames Water Authority
  • National Water Council and Finnish Research Centre as being Non Toxic, Non Flammable, Non Hazardous

NATO Nos: 0889/0473/6850-99-701-6845 & 0899/0473/6850-99-920-1435

Some of Biox’s successful industrial applications:

  • Cleaning oxygenated life support systems.
  • Cleaning control valves.
  • Air conditioning.
  • De scaling water systems.
  • Cleaning brazed welded pipe work in Steel, Copper, Alloy and Aluminum.