Submersible transducers

Our submersible ultrasonic cleaners are designed to be flexible, versatile and portable.

Transducers are enclosed in a water proof casing that can be immersed into a company’s own cleaning tank, used as part of an on line cleaning process, or used to trouble shoot where there are cleaning hot spots required.

For maximum flexibility, Hilsonic can produce submersible ultrasonic cleaners to almost any shape or size without the penalty of prohibitive prices.

As well as delivering the kind of quality performance to be expected from Hilsonic ultrasonic systems, the submersible units are available in 3 optional enclosure finishes:

  • 316L heavy gauge stainless steel for general industrial use
  • Hard chrome to combat particularly aggressive chemicals, such as acids, solvents and caustic solutions
  • Titanium, for when a unit is located in a very hostile industrial environment.

It all adds up to the most dynamic and versatile range of submersible ultrasonic cleaning units available anywhere in the industry.


We are so confident of the quality of our transducer assemblies, the most vital components in any ultrasonic machine, that we cover the piezo electric components with a 5-year parts guarantee.