Celebrating 15 years’ service for Blinding Clean: Hilsonic supports small businesses with ultrasonic equipment and outstanding customer support

When Blinding Clean came back to Hilsonic to have their ultrasonic machine serviced, Darren Pyke remembered the photo he’d taken of Inga and Phil – the company’s proprietors – when they first purchased the equipment, back in 2006 – 15 years ago, almost to the day.

Starting up in 2006

Blinding Clean today

Staffordshire-based Blinding Clean first approached Hilsonic, looking to add blind cleaning to their portfolio of services and so they purchased an 8ft ultrasonic blind cleaning machine, enabling them to set up a mobile blind cleaning service which has gone from strength to strength.

Hilsonic ultrasonic cleaner going strong after 46 years: helping one customer to reduce, reuse and recycle

When the owner of a Hilsonic HS50, who had been using his second-hand unit since the 1980s, found that it seemed a bit less effective than it used to be, he thought there would be no harm in googling ‘hilsonic faults’, only to find that Hilsonic were about half an hour away from him. So, he gave us a call and spoke to Darren Pyke, managing director at Hilsonic, who was intrigued to see the old unit.

Hilsonic cleaner in use by the customer

Regaining confidence by restoring classic cars

When a mechanic at a mental health charity recommended contacting Hilsonic, the work undertaken by Rusty Road 2 Recovery seemed so worthwhile we were delighted to help.

Rusty Road 2 Recovery is a social enterprise, based in Somerset but with such a successful model that – since launching on Christmas Day last year – they’ve already been approached to open elsewhere in the UK as well as in Australia. The organisation works with people of all ages who suffer from mental health issues and the associated isolation and lack of confidence these can entail. They run a range of courses, including airbrushing and art, but the donation from Hilsonic is helping in one of the most fundamental areas of their work – recovery courses focused around the repair and restoration of classic cars, motorcycles and even tractors.

Major domestic utility contract award for Hilsonic

With the service contract for one of the UK’s largest utilities companies up for renewal in February this year, Hilsonic were invited to tender again and are delighted to have their existing contact renewed.

Ultrasonic cleaning unit for gas heat exchanger maintenance

Cross-contamination problems for pharmaceutical production can be solved with ultrasonic efficiency

Here, Darren Pyke, Managing Director at Hilsonic, offers an overview of the benefits of ultrasonic cleaning for pharmaceutical and medical clients – where cross-contamination can prove a significant issue – for safe batch production and for cost reduction. In this example, the client is an international, blue-chip, pharmaceutical company who sought a more thorough and safer alternative to manual cleaning, and turned to Hilsonic for a solution.

Classic car and bike restoration – the benefits of ultrasonic cleaning from Hilsonic

Professional restoration companies and classic car and bike owners are all too aware of the importance of the thorough cleaning of engine parts for better performance and of the associated problems when restoring and maintaining engines, especially when replacement parts aren’t always easy to come by. Prolonging the life of existing parts can be crucial, requiring intensive – yet safe – cleaning.

Older engines, especially, are prone to carbon build up – reducing the air flow and causing running problems – as well as often having layers of burnt oil that can be very difficult and time-consuming to remove. Ultrasonic cleaning is known to remove all manner of oil, grease, rust, paint, lubricant and dirt.

Hilsonic join Made in Britain – the premier marque for British businesses

Hilsonic have joined other leading UK companies – from large manufacturers and SMEs to enterprising start-ups – as the latest members of Made in Britain.

Established in 2011, Made in Britain is the UK’s leading organisation supporting British manufacturing, both nationally and internationally. Accredited to businesses selling British-manufactured products, the marque helps customers easily identify British-made goods, promoting the innovation, excellence and quality standards that are associated with the UK’s manufacturing sector.

Community help

On 25th March 2017 a gas explosion in New Ferry destroyed several buildings and left a number of business premises badly damaged. A cordon remains around the blast site and numerous traders are still unable to access their properties which is directly affecting the livelihoods of owners, staff and residents.

The local community is rallying to help, and with the support and assistance that is being given right across the district the recovery will very much be a collaborative effort. If you would like to offer your support to those affected by this terrible event there are a number of ways you can help:

The New Ferry Town Team have established a fund to help ease the burden on businesses that have been unable to trade, have lost stock and are without premises. The aim of this fund is to raise £10k which will be used to support those in most need, supporting them to recommence trading in their own units or in ‘pop-up’ premises in New Ferry. Any support you may be able to offer will go directly to the affected businesses and is much appreciated. Donations can be made at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/lovenewferry.

Hilsonic launch new video series


To demonstrate the power and advanced functionality of our ultrasonic cleaners and systems, we have produced four short videos. These show our technologies in action and help to explain why Hilsonic is ‘The Engineer’s Choice’. They cover our IST3000 ultrasonic cleaner, our multi-ultrasonic tank system, our AJI ultrasonic cleaner and our AST500 system.

To view, click here