Mixed reality technology partnership with Microsoft: the holograms saving Hilsonic’s customers time and money

As partners of the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), Hilsonic are among the first companies to benefit from the MTC’s new partnership with Microsoft. With the MTC officially named as a Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner, cutting edge mixed reality technology is now available to help Hilsonic support their customers, wherever they are.

Microsoft HoloLens is the first self-contained, holographic computer, enabling the wearer to interact with holograms and the real-world environment simultaneously through intuitive interaction – gaze, gesture and voice. Rather than requiring a virtual reality (fully computer-generated) world, HoloLens allows users to place 3D digital models in the room alongside them, where they can walk around and interact with the objects created. The two key components, Remote Assist and Layout, offer tremendous opportunities for collaboration and efficiency to MTC members, to Hilsonic and – ultimately – to Hilsonic’s customers.

Remote Assist enables remote collaboration, with hands-free video calling, image sharing and mixed-reality annotations and, with Layout, users can create and edit room layouts in real-world scale. Darren Pyke, managing director at Hilsonic, explains the key benefits for their customers,
“Accessing HoloLens through MTC is an amazing facility for us, especially the Remote Access technology. If our engineers are out working at a customer’s site and encounter anything unusual or problematic, HoloLens means they can collaborate and troubleshoot remotely, accessing the vast collective expertise at MTC in context, via the headset. For us, this is invaluable technical backup when we need it most, as well as reducing travel time and the number of site visits we need to make to rectify issues. For our customers, it means that we can aim to solve complex problems much faster, improving operational efficiency and increasing productivity, with the associated time- and cost-savings. The work we do with MTC and this advance in the blending of traditional industry with cutting-edge technology is something that we think sets Hilsonic apart from our competitors in the ultrasonic market.”

David Varela, technology manager at MTC, comments,
“The MTC supports large and small companies across the UK. Our mission is to help manufacturers in the UK compete on the global stage. One way we do that is by using HoloLens, and two Microsoft tools in particular – Remote Assist and Layout. By sending our members a HoloLens, we are able to remotely work with companies to solve their problems and help them achieve their goals. It is much easier and cheaper for everyone.”

Part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, supported by Innovate UK, MTC develops and proves innovative manufacturing processes and technologies in an agile, low risk environment, in partnership with industry, academia and other institutions. Operating some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment in the world and employing a team of highly skilled engineers, many of whom are leading experts in their field, the MTC’s areas of expertise are directly relevant to both large companies and SMEs across multiple sectors.

Hilsonic have been working with MTC since 2017, providing MTC with ultrasonic cleaning solutions for their members and clients who use Hilsonic solutions for development and innovation projects is a diverse range of sectors, including: pharmaceutical and biotechnical; food and drink; oil and gas; medical device development; military and defence; aerospace, automotive and energy. Hilsonic have recently completed a joint project in the development of an intelligent automated handling system to automate repetitive cleaning applications.